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KENT Tattoo piercing indonesia Yusepthia soewardy ( kent

Yusepthia soewardy or as known as kent, was born in bandung at september 8th 1972. Kent was raised in a family with an older sister and a younger sister. Most of kent childhood was spent in bandung, west java, indonesia.
Kent begins interested in the world of drawing since junior high. After high school kent start to learn the art of tattooing.
At the time his principal was just trying. His motivation was can be accepted in a publicroad child community. In this time kent start to know drugs and liqueur.
Beside tattoo, kent also learns about airbrush. Kent also opens an advertising company and work at a newspaper company in bandung, in majorof photography and graphic design.
To increase his ability, kent went to indonesia university of art and design, and graduate in 1996, with a satisfy result. After university, kent continues to increase knowledge and ability about tattooing, airbrush, graphic design and digital computer during his time at the newspaper company. And at the time he kept struggling with his drugs and drinking problem, until 1998 kent got overdose, and almost died. That is when he felt the biggest support from dyah fitri, his wife whom he married at march 14th 1997.
This death experience was the lowest point in kent’s life. Cause of this matters kent resign from his job at the newspaper company. Since that time kent willing to start his life all over again and focused his self in the world of tattooing, with one will : “ to make the world of tattoo away from drugs and alcohol..”
Kent just wanted tattoo to be appreciated from the point of view of art, without seeing the negative side of tattoo it self. Kent starts to get seriously in the world of tattooing. At first he open his own studio, then he begun to work with his friends who have the same vision and mission.
And kent finally move to lengkong kecil, bandung, which until this time become the homebase of kent tattoo studio. Kent start to combine his knowledge of tattooing with graphic designing, airbrush technique, and digital computer which he has studied. This matters make kent tattoo studio became the first tattoo studio in indonesia who combine tattooing technique with digital computer in designing tattoo picture so it makes more systematic and accurate.
In 1999 kent start opening branch in surabaya, east java indonesia, and in the same year kent start studying about health and sterilizations of different kind of contagious diseases. With this knowledge kent start to pressing in his tattoo studio in sterilization in every single thing specially during tattooing, like using disinfectant. Sterilized tools and in a clean room. To open wide his wings, in the year 2001 kent start to build his own website with the address www. Kent – tattoo. Com, with this website it makes easier to transfer unlimited information. Kent also studying another art, which connected with tattoo, such’s piercing.
And he also have a merchandise that also identical with tattoo word. Till this time kent already have four-tattoo studio, three in bandung and one in surabaya, with 12 professional tattooist. And his marriage with dyah, blessed with 6th years old daughter named cendythia utami.